Old San Juan Historical &
Shopping Tour $40 p/p
Minimum of 2 persons per tour
  Bacardi Tour &
Old San Juan Historical $50 p/p
Minimum of 2 persons per tour

San Juan was founded by Spanish colonists in 1521, who called it Ciudad de Puerto Rico ("Rich Port City"). Several historical buildings are located in San Juan; among the most notable are the city's former defensive forts, Fort San Felipe del Morro, Fort San Cristobal and La Fortaleza, the oldest executive mansion in continuous use in the Americas.

The city still emanates the old-world charm of a Spanish colony centuries later. This guided excursion begins with a scenic drive into Old San Juan followed by a walking tour of San Cristobal Fort, the largest Spanish fortification ever built, complete with dungeon and sentry outlook posts. Then take a sightseeing drive through the historic architecture of Norzagaray Boulevard and past Quincentennial Plaza, which is located atop the highest hill in Old San Juan.

History, culture and great shopping are present in the second oldest European-established city in the Americas, Old San Juan. While having a great shopping experience you will have the opportunity to appreciate the historic nature of this city’s colonial buildings and narrow streets covered with blue cobblestone. You will find flower-filled plazas, museums, cathedrals, and original centuries-old Spanish fortresses that make Old San Juan a definite stop on your visit to Puerto Rico.

Admire the grand old city's sights on foot as you shop at some of the finest jewelry boutiques, clothing stores and art galleries the Caribbean has to offer.

Is the largest in the world, is only a 15-minute drive from San Juan and is one of the most popular visitors’ destinations in Puerto Rico.

Visitors are treated to a fascinating guided tour of the facilities at the "Cathedral of Rum." Everything from the vast fermentation vats to the high-speed bottling machinery is at work and on display. A trolley takes you to the Bacardi family museum, where a history of the product and landmarks in its development are seen. The tour ends at the lofty, bat-like pavilion, which you may have seen if you have gazed across San Juan Bay from the southern walls of the Old City. Here you can sample the world-famous rum and buy souvenirs or a variety of Bacardi products at the gift shop.

If you are lucky, your trip may coincide with the annual Bacardi Arts and Crafts Fair, a joyfully crowded, two-day event that features local artists and artisans and plenty of music. If not, vendors are often on the grounds and selections of artisans' products are always on sale in the gift shop.
Rain Forest Nature Hike $50 p/p
Minimum of 2 persons per tour
Bioluminescent Bay
Kayak Tour $75 p/p
Minimum of 2 persons per tour

The Caribbean National Forest, often called El Yunque Rainforest, has the highest visitation of any natural site in Puerto Rico. When you see it, you'll easily understand why.

Named after the benevolent Indian spirit Yuquiyu, El Yunque is the only rainforest in the U.S. National Forest System. Comprised of some 240 different species of trees, it is actually a series of forests, each one determined by its altitude. El Toro, the highest peak in the forest at 3,532 feet, has only odd dwarf vegetation clinging to its sides.

More than 100 billion gallons of precipitation fall each year, creating the jungle-like ambience of lush foliage, sparkling leaves, shining wet rocks, and shadowy paths occasionally pierced by sunlight. Spectacular waterfalls rush alongside its well-maintained (but slippery) trails. There are many favorite spots for visitors to take photos or a refreshing dip in the pristine pools.

Imagine the blackness of the sea on a moonless night. Now watch it sparkle with the darting lights of a million fireflies. Nature lovers will not want to miss the phenomenal experience of visiting a tropical phosphorescent bay!

The phosphorescence is actually bioluminescence generated by microscopic organisms in the water. It is believed to be part of a natural defense system triggered by the movement of predators. Many scientists believe the tiny organisms light up so their predators can see more desirable prey - and thus leave them alone.

The phenomenon occurs sporadically in warm seas around the world, but Puerto Rico is one of the only places on the planet where you can depend on it every evening at two different protected bays and a lagoon. The best known is at La Parguera, between Mayagez and Ponce in the southwest of the island. A cottage industry in the village is based on showing the bay to visitors.
Catamaran Sail & Snorkel $82 p/p
Minimum of 2 persons per tour
  Camuy Caves & Arecibo Observatory  $85 p/p
Minimum of 2 persons per tour

The Catamaran Sail & Snorkel tour on the north coast of Puerto Rico is the ultimate sailing adventure. Feel the wind in your hair as the great sails are hoisted high and relax and unwind on the decks and netting as these million dollars cats set sail for the beautiful Caribbean ocean

The Catamaran Sail & Snorkel tour have been sailing out of Fajardo piers for fourteen years now, ranking them one of the top trips on the island.

Fajardo you will be treated to a snorkel excursion over the number one reef in Puerto Rico. If you don't know how to snorkel - don't worry. The crew from the catamaran will teach and accompany you every step of the way.

There are only two other places in the world where you will find a cave system as massive or dramatic as the Río Camuy Cave Park - and neither of them has a tropical underground river thundering through it!

Only a small part of the complex is open to the public: three crater-like sinkholes and two caves... but what a spectacular part it is! Visitors ride a trolley that descends into a sinkhole lined with dense tropical vegetation while a guide describes the sights. After a walk across ramps and bridges and through the dramatically illuminated, 170-foot high Cueva Clara, another tram shuttles you to a platform overlooking the 400 foot deep Tres Pueblos Sinkhole.

Another attraction is the Spiral Sinkhole and Cave. You can walk the 205 steps down into the sinkhole, but the cave itself is off limits to all but experienced spelunkers. The sinkhole is believed to have once been an enormous cavern, and is indeed an impressive sight. Cathedral cave is home to an enigmatic collection of petroglyphs etched into the walls by the ancient Taínos (native Indians).

The 268-acre grounds include a cafeteria, picnic area, gift shop, walking trails, exhibition hall, and theater. Advanced cave explorers can arrange for special tours and rappelling trips through undeveloped sections of the caves.
Ponce Historical City $95 p/p
Minimum of 2 persons per tour

Ponce is also known as the "Ciudad Señorial" (majestic city), because of its many beautiful neoclassical buildings and facades.

Ponce is located in the Southern Coastal Plain region, south of Adjuntas, Utuado and Jayuya; east of Peñuelas; and west of Juana Díaz. The annual precipitation is approximately 36 inches on the coast and 48 inches in the interior and the average temperature is 75ºF.

The beautiful downtown Plaza de las Delicias is a worthwhile stop, with lovely fountains, a cathedral and local bench sitting denizens. The unique red and black, century old wooden firehouse, commonly known as "Parque de Bombas" is a landmark and still in use. Parque de Bombas originally built in 1882 for an exposition and from 1883 to 1989 it served as headquarters of the Ponce Fire Corps. In 1990, the firehouse was reopened as a museum, there are exhibits on the second floor, and the municipal band plays a free concert every Sunday night.